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How Many Electronics Do I Need?

How many electronics do I need/should I want/should I already own? I only ask because, no matter the hundreds we spend on gadgets, or upgrading gadgets in this household, my husband and I are always well behind the digital curve. Yet, when I pause to look around this house I can’t help but feel we have a LOT of STUFF.
Too much.

We have a desktop PC, a laptop, a netbook and a WiFi router to connect them all. We have two run-of-the-mill digital cameras. We have a Wii and three Nintendo DS Lites, though not a one of us is a gamer – at least I don’t think Mario and Luigi expertise qualifies our nine year old as one. We have three iPod Shuffles, one iPod Nano, and a small, unspectacular dock. We have two DVD players (one of which has a VHS player adjoined, because I’ve yet to copy my ancient home movies over to DVD before they disintegrate), a portable DVD player, two old school televisions and one stupidly expensive 52 inch flat screen HD one. We have an alarm system to protect all of it, and we only just bought a GPS device – like, last month.

But here’s what we don’t have: a DVR, a home theater system (not a complete one, anyway), a PlayStation, an Xbox, a Blu-ray player, a Nook/Kindle/e-book reader. We don’t have a MacBook, an iPad, an iPod Touch, an iPod adapter for the car or an iPhone. We do not have “an app for that.” In fact – and here’s the real shocker – my cell phone is un-smart. My cell phone practically drools on itself. My cell phone’s ringtone is “Duh.”
And, these days, that leaves me feeling like I’m from another century (oh, wait, I am). But, I DON’T WANT ANYMORE STUFF!

Don’t get me wrong, I like gadgets, indeed I do or we wouldn’t have the current lot. I’m the one that wants, installs, assembles, wires and programs the new toys in this house – eager to play with them all. But the bulk of what’s available, and what it seems everyone I know already purchased ages ago, gives me the sense of having four hundred remote controls – and just wanting the one that will do everything. And I’ve no doubt I could downsize to The One Thing That Can Do Everything, but by the time I do that they’ll introduce The One Thing That Can Do Everything Way More Awesome.
And, mostly, I just never thought I’d come to sorta-kinda envy the Amish.

Addendum: As of Mother’s Day, I am now the bewildered owner of a Kindle. Thanks to my thoughtful, well-meaning husband….who apparently doesn’t read my blog. 😉
(I’m kidding. I have to say I’m kidding because he totally reads my blog, just not promptly.)