We Love Hard For This

The season is upon us! And whether you agree it’s the most wonderful time of year, or you declare it the most expensive, stressful, pointless, irritating and/or depressing, I have come bearing gifts of holiday cheer!

Well, this isn't the YouTube cheer, just regular old happy everything non-motion cheer.

Age old ‘happy everything’ cheer.

Now, after viewing our upcoming YouTube internet gifts to you (our gifts to the world, really…nay, the universe) you’ll likely ask if we are professional entertainers. Clearly we’ve studied dance and mastered choreography at some point in our collective family career. Surely we’ve performed as a professional troupe; a modern-day “Familie Von Trapp.” But no! Say WHAAAT? I know. It’s hard to believe but, no, we are not trained thespians. We were just bored after Thanksgiving dinner, and it was either bust out the Christmas C.D.s and make with the silly, or watch a movie.

Be glad, and rejoice, that we did not watcheth a movie. But instead…

Viewer Discretion Advised: We are not a perfect family.
Many believe us to be so awesome (and we are), so happy (we mostly are), and the snapshot of an ideal familial unit (which we absolutely are not). This impression is derived from the P.R. face we present to the world. And while the truth of us isn’t some dark, ugly, lie behind closed doors, we have our equitable share of dirty laundry; the sort we choose not to air.

When I hear, “Oh I wish my husband was romantic, like yours,” and, “Oh I wish my family had fun like yours does,” I feel compelled to make others feel better by assuring them that we are real, flawed human persons. That my husband is a thoughtless jerkface, just like theirs, and my children are fiercely engaged in the total annihilation of one another – or me, whichever comes first. And I also assure them how there isn’t enough wine in the breadth of existence to make any of it okay. But, one, no one believes me, and two, it just sells my family short. I shouldn’t have to convince people we’re REAL people.

Especially when I should know, by now, those people will project whatever they want onto the joy we attempt release into the world. They will be uplifted by it or they will be disgusted by it – or some intrinsically complicated lovey-hatey limbo therein.

But I’m not going to feel bad about being happy. Or having a happy family.
We work hard for this.
We LOVE hard for this.


2 thoughts on “We Love Hard For This

  1. Cynthia & Bob

    Hi Niki & Fam,
    I give Donde Esta Santa Claus a 99. It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it. And who doesn’t love Rudolph. I’m glad you decided to bust out the Xmas CDs at Thanksgiving and made your own movie instead of watching one. Impressive production values. I sense viral potential. I’m hoping there’s still enough love for a few more videos before the holidays are over. Happy Holidays and wishing the entire family a healthy, happy, & prosperous New Year. -Bob

  2. Rose

    “Ideal familial unit”? Please. Anyone with any experience living in a family knows there’s no such thing. What makes you guys so awesome is that, even with all of the troubles and stresses you have, you manage to have a sense of humor and silliness about it all. Which, according to my completely anecdotal and unscientific observations, is the only way anyone gets through childhood relatively unscathed.

    On a side note, I sometimes think that one of the saddest casualties of the 1950s-era glorification of the nuclear family is the instillation of the expectation that Mom and Dad should have all the answers. It wasn’t that long ago that children were raised more or less communally in groups (in many cultures, they still are!), and even just having a couple of (reliable) extended family members around can make a huge difference in the amount of storm and stress involved. Plus the kids get exposure to a broad swath of viewpoints, plus the people without kids can still contribute to raising the next generation, plus the parents can say “Go play with Auntie Clara” if they need some time to themselves. I already know several people who want to start communes; maybe we should run a Kickstarter…


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