Cat Van-GO

Last winter my friend Mike was commissioned to deliver his soon-to-be ex-wife her household goods and a couple of cats. When he returned, and told me the tale, my reaction was, “You did WHAT with the cats??!!!”
Then I begged him to blog it. And he did.

Note to cat lovers: he (generally) means well.

the grumpy blogger

Cat VanGo

I apologize in advance, this post is very long. But worth the read:

Back in January of 2015 I needed to take care of some loose ends. I had a storage unit full of furniture and two cats that did not belong to me, in Arizona. I had to deliver both to a condominium in Utah that I had just purchased for someone else – as a condition of my future freedom.

I will admit that I occasionally make questionable choices, but I was pretty sure that I had developed a plan above reproach. I would rent a truck, load it full of furnishings, and drive 14 hours to deliver the load to its new home. I spent less time considering the cats, I have to admit. Ok, NO time. I had calculated the space taken up by all of the items and determined the best size truck to transport…

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