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Baby Pit

  1. My pal Mike doesn’t have children (just a pug, cats need not apply) nor does he want them. He doesn’t hate them, he’s just not interested. So it goes that a lot of kid-affiliated subject matter is foreign to him. Like the time he was trying to describe an infant in a playpen and said, “You know, it was in one of those things …..one of those baby cages.”
    He’s yet to live that one down.
  2. I’ve never been Johnny-on-the-spot with my cell phone, and at this late date I doubt I ever will be. Most of the time I misplace it, and don’t care – and then I can’t find it because, due to neglect, the battery died. I don’t realize this until I need it, of course. But whenever it is on my person and fully charged, I DON’T need it, and no one else seems to need me to have it. It’s not until the damn thing is lying lifeless at the bottom of the laundry hamper, or under the passenger seat of my car, that there’s some emergent situation where someone needs to get ahold of me RIGHT NOW, or vise versa.
    Point is, it means I’m not a prompt texter-backer person. But my friends text me anyway, and thank the heavens for it! Because later, whenever I eventually re-tether my electronic leash, hilarity awaits me. And that’s a very wonderful thing!

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